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Spending nearly my entire career working in Healthcare means I’ve been raised to be confidential. Whether we sign a confidentially agreement or not Steve and I treat each of our customers with the same confidentially a patient in a healthcare setting would not only expect but also has both a legal and moral right to get. We rarely get to share some of the great work we do outside of a “We have done that before” or “We saw that before a month ago with another customer and helped them with it” however sometimes a customer gives us a reference a reference to share. Recently completing a project we got one from a customer that struck me so much I had to share it here.

“SQL Expert Partners

As a community health center with many competing priorities and limited resources, we sought out Stedman Solutions for help with optimizing, maintaining, and upgrading our aging SQL infrastructure. We’ve engaged with Steve and Derrick for several SQL-related projects, including an initial assessment and optimization, and a “forklift” upgrade to a newer version of SQL required by one of our software vendors – and we couldn’t be happier to work with them.

Each project we’ve worked with them on has been a great experience for us – they are consummate professionals, providing very detailed scope-of-work proposals and taking the time to explain it all in as much or as little detail as you need, so you know exactly what to expect. And perhaps most importantly (and a rarity with many consulting professionals these days), they say exactly what they’ll do, and do exactly what they say. Thoroughness and follow-through are never a concern when working with them on a project.

We feel quite fortunate to have Stedman Solutions available as our SQL expert partners, and we can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Charlie Earle, CIO Unity Care Northwest

At Stedman Solutions our goal is not just that every customer is happy its that every customer will recommend us to their friends and peers.


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