Consulting Hardware Renewal Planning

Now that I’m multiple years into consulting with Steve Stedman at Stedman Solutions I’m beginning to get a handle of my hardware needs and how to pre plan for purchases. This is firmly important because I believe not being ready financially to replace computers on time adds to a the possibility of taking on debt.

Let’s look at my current setup of 3 main machines,

2020 MacBook Air M1/8GB/512GB

Primary Computer

2018 MacBook Pro 2.6Ghz 6 Core/16GB/512GB

Home Office Computer also runs my Windows VM’s

Windows 10 VM’s

All Client work happens from these Virtual Machines

I have a solid setup as is but my 2018 MacBook Pro only has about 8 months of warranty left. Also Apple switching to Apple Silicon means no more x86 windows VM’s for me. This means I’m probably going to replace with an Apple Silicon powered MacBook Pro AND a Surface of some sort or go in the cloud for my Windows VM’s. And whatever my decision is I need to be ready to pay for it before I purchase anything.