Dell OS10 Switch Firmware Update Process

I regularly work with Dell PowerSwitch S41xxF-ON and S52xxF-ON series switches for both networking and iSCSI. If you have read some of my blog posts you’ll see I like to keep things updated. Here is the process I normally use.

Download the firmware update from the Dell Digital Locker

If needed extract .tar download so you have the the .bin file.

Place the .bin file on a SFTP server like Solarwinds Free Server

SSH into your Switch and run the following commands. Please note the image install takes 10 or 15 minutes to complete. Just keep running show image status to check the status.

show version

copy running-configuration startup-configuration

copy config://startup.xml config://backup.xml

image download sftp://COMPUTERNAMEORIP/IMAGENAME.bin

image install image://IMAGENAME.bin

show image status

show boot detail

boot system standby

show boot


After the switch reboots SSH back in and check the version.

show version

If needed you can cancel the image download or install.

image cancel


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