• Fix Slow Windows 10 or 11 L2TP VPN

    Disconnect from the VPN. Go to Services.msc -> Routing and remote access -> change “start type” to Automatic (Delayed start) and click “Start” Connect to the VPN.

  • Introduction to Database Corruption

    Please Join, Steve, Kiana and I for a presentation on “Introduction to Database Corruption” this coming Wednesday. February 17, 2021 at 6:00pm Pacific time we will be presenting a free webcast training on SQL Server Database Corruption. After repairing dozens of corrupt databases we are going to share our experiences. Some of the good, the…

  • Consulting Hardware Renewal Planning

    Now that I’m multiple years into consulting with Steve Stedman at Stedman Solutions I’m beginning to get a handle of my hardware needs and how to pre plan for purchases. This is firmly important because I believe not being ready financially to replace computers on time adds to a the possibility of taking on debt.…

  • SQL DBOwner

    If you need to create a DBOwner User and Update all databases to be owned by DBOwner Once you create the DBOwner user this query will create a query to update the database owner to be DBOwner

  • Password Generator