• Windows VPN Stops working

    Sometimes this can be caused by the IKE and IPSec services. Try the following,

  • SQL Server Alerts eMail

    This query will setup email Alerts for severity levels 19 to 25 and errors 823 to 825. It will also create an SQL Agent Operator for you. Reused from http://databasehealth.com/server-overview/quick-scan-report/quick-scan-report-alerts/

  • Gravitar

  • Backups

    Today I want to talk about backups. I’m not going to get into all the details about RPO and RTO but just the overall 50,000 foot level sentence that can help you make decisions about what you need. Back in High School I used to work on older Diesel powered Mercedes Benz for my best…

  • PGP Key

    If you need to contact me securely please use the PGP Key below. Also check out my page at https://keybase.io/bovie2k