• OneDrive overlay icons not showing on macOS

    I’ve had this happen to me a few times as I switched over to OneDrive in Office 365 vs iCloud. If the overlay icons aren’t showing correctly sometimes you need to turn the extension on and off again. Go to system preferences then search for extensions and and click finder extensions and unselect and reselect…

  • Windows Server DNS TTL

    Its not obvious how to change the DNS time to live on a windows dns server but its easy to change. You need to open up the DNS manager then click view and advanced. Now when you open up a record you’ll see a Time to live (TTL) in DDDDD:HH:MM:SS

  • Dell OS10 Switch Firmware Update Process

    I regularly work with Dell PowerSwitch S41xxF-ON and S52xxF-ON series switches for both networking and iSCSI. If you have read some of my blog posts you’ll see I like to keep things updated. Here is the process I normally use. Download the firmware update from the Dell Digital Locker If needed extract .tar download so…

  • Fortigate How to reboot only secondary firewall in HA cluster

    Note: your spare may be 1 instead of 0.

  • Change SQL Server Name

    Rename SQL Server