• Windows Server DNS TTL

    Its not obvious how to change the DNS time to live on a windows dns server but its easy to change. You need to open up the DNS manager then click view and advanced. Now when you open up a record you’ll see a Time to live (TTL) in DDDDD:HH:MM:SS

  • Dell OS10 Switch Firmware Update Process

    I regularly work with Dell PowerSwitch S41xxF-ON and S52xxF-ON series switches for both networking and iSCSI. If you have read some of my blog posts you’ll see I like to keep things updated. Here is the process I normally use. Download the firmware update from the Dell Digital Locker If needed extract .tar download so…

  • Fortigate How to reboot only secondary firewall in HA cluster

    Note: your spare may be 1 instead of 0.

  • Change SQL Server Name

    Rename SQL Server

  • How to delete DTA Tables

    This script will remove the database tuning advisor tables in the MSDB database on a SQL Server.